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  1. Does anyone in this site have idea if there is any way of finding out age of German items from the Prym snap fasteners used ?
  2. SeemsSeems it could be many things at this rate lol cheersfor assistance
  3. hi all ,seems like it’s getting closer that answer I have just found the shell case it was strapped to it appears to be a German 10cm shell case dated 1939.not sure if it’s of any help lol,
  4. Thank you all that’s taken time and spent some time in thought . Seems the mystery goes on :0
  5. Well maybe some one out there will know something, cheers for the help so far guys :)
  6. Hi Stuka , I was thinking officer of reserve
  7. Thank you Bayern for the information so far . Stuka it would be good if anyone French has a clue , so it will be fun to see if there’s an answer rather than any in my Mind that could be miles away!!
  8. Hi I found this armband in an old shell case I purchased but can’t find out what it is , any help identifying it would be awesome
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