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  1. Here is a link to a site that fits perfect into this thread. Great images of RCMP wallet badges too (active and retired). Johnny R. http://www.rcmpolice.ca/kit.html
  2. Thanks insigniaguy for the posting. I love looking at these RCMP badges retired or not. Johnny R.
  3. FYI: Top military honour now cast in Canada: report http://www.ctvnews.ca/top-military-honour-now-cast-in-canada-report-1.231701 http://www.jeanpaulleblanc.com/Canada1.htm CTV.ca News Staff Published Saturday, Mar. 3, 2007 11:21PM EST A Victoria Cross medal has been produced in Canada for the first time, and there are reports it will be presented by the Queen in April. The Globe and Mail reported Saturday that Queen Elizabeth will present the medal at a ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France. The move would restore the medal -- awarded jus
  4. Does anyone have any further detail information on this Canadian high military award, other than what you can get on Google? Any high resolution Images that can be posted here. I'm doing some indepth research on this award and though I would go to my Forum friends for help. Johnny R.
  5. This is as good as your going to get from an original VC: http://www.ebay.com/...1#ht_626wt_1110 Johnny R.
  6. I've recently learned that the issued RCMP wallet (carry) badge has the inside center seal/shield in plated silver—of course it has an issuing ID number. Please not that by comparison, the retirement badge is all gold with blue enameling. Johnny R. :D
  7. OK, Does anyone have a current image (5th design version of this badge) of the RCMP wallet (Carry) badge? I've since learned that the "RCMP Wallet Badge" has the center Shield Emblem is in silver on the issued badge. Is this information correct? The retirement badge I have does not have any markings on the reverse of the badge. Johnny R.
  8. Hi Kif101, just got signed back on the Forum. Good to hear from you.
    Johnny Rocket FL/NY/USA

  9. -The Canadian Star of Military Valour Modern Honours of Canada (1972) Click on picture for larger image (63K). Terms The Star of Military Valour is the second highest Military Valour Decoration of Canada. It "shall be awarded for distinguished and valiant service in the presence of the enemy." Bar Each subsequent award of the Star will be indicated by a plain gold bar with a maple leaf in the centre attached to the ribbon from which the medal is suspended. Description The Star of Military Valour consists of a gold star with four points with a maple leaf in each of the
  10. :latest RCMP Image.png] No markings on the back, but very well made with two catch pins on the reverse of the badge. Given to Retirees of the RCMP .
  11. Thought this would be an interesting thread/link for any American Military researcher http://www.military.com/benefits/resources/army-uniform Johnny R.
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