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  1. I have 2 badges in my collection that are cast like this on the backside, one in Silver and one is gold gilt. They are a better quality detail on the front than the regular brass badge. It is my understanding that these were private purchase items that officers bought themselves and wore. I have not seen a brass one like yours though. So in a nutshell, I don't beleieve mine were issued items but were worn by members. Even the deputy commissioner a couple years ago, wore a hat badge that is a private purchase made by a company in BC that is not issued. Stephen.
  2. Rod G, We are starting to go through boxes of items and sell off all the duplicate items. What would you be looking for? I know we have red serges, brown serges, sam brown belts, high brown boots, forage caps, shirts, patrol jackets, winter jacets, Pea jackets, riding breeches, banana pants, work pants, etc.. Let me know what you may be interested in, Thanks, Stephen. extrabacon@ns.sympatico.ca
  3. Hello, and yes I do have a couple pair of extra Breeches for sale or trade. I also just picked up a couple more pair of high brown boots, brand new forage cap, sgt. red serge, sgt. brown serge, sgt. Pea Jacket, patrol jacket, sam brown belt, winter jacket, older Kings crown buttons, etc. all for sale or trade. Looking forward to hearing from your friend. The naval and PO badges are from teh RCMP Marine division. The PO ones come up time to time but the officers ones on the top, are extremely rare. Thanks, Stephen.
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