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  1. Herman, Thank you for the two links. The one for eur 390 looks nice, but thanks for the cost warning. Van wielik implied that they did have the medal, but not the military version. I will continue to look. Thanks, Edmund
  2. Dear Herman, Thank you so much. I remember as a child that the United States had a similiar official policy, which now no longer exists. Instead, we have people pretending to be veterans. EUR 200 is actually better that I would have guessed for such an award. Thank you for the auction site. Is Orde van Oranje-Nassau the correct term to search for in Dutch? Also, is there a company that sells the ribbon? Thank you again for your time. Respectfully, Edmund
  3. I am trying to replace the medals that were once on a British officers post-WW2 uniform. I have been able to track down everything except the Order of Oranje-Nassau 5th class (knight) with swords. The few examples of the order I have seen are the civilian variety. Is there a company in the Netherlands that produces a quality reproduction? Thank you for your help, Edmund
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