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  1. Interesting thread. Can I ask, does anyone know when the issuing of cuffs to individual UK constables came in? 1980s? Or am I way out? I know they were used in sub divisions, and kept in operational vehicles. Cheers Monty
  2. Hi Steve, Firstly, many apologies for such a delayed reply from me. I have been a tad busy. Secondly, many thanks. I think you are correct, a telegram boy would fit the bill. Monty
  3. Hi all, I have, until 2 years ago, been working with the CoLP museum at Wood St. There was an issue with funding (as I'm sure you are all aware, cutbacks have hit the public sector hard, the police being no exception) and this impacted on a proposed CoLP museum re-vamp. I know they proposed to expand into the cells at Wood st, due to the fact they no longer met EU specifications however I don't know if that has gone through. I know they sell of bits and bobs to aid funding. The Met have opened up a Heritage centre on Lillie Road, just down from West Brompton tube. I've been a few time
  4. As someone who is an ocassional visitor but feels part of the family here, I pass on my condolences to family, friends and all here. Monty
  5. Has anyone come across a stamp marked "JWB & Co" on their Bulls Eye ? Monty :)
  6. Thanks Mervyn, I may try West Brompton, see if they know. Monty
  7. Yes Andrew, I got mine from Mr Storey also. I have mine framed, pending the appropriate helmet. If you could give me the Collar letter suppliers details Id be grateful. There is someone I know who may be interested. Thanks you. Hi Colin, Yep, got your PM. I'll give you the heads up at the end of the week as per our 'chat'. Again, many thanks. Monty
  8. Hi Mervyn, Indeed. I'm well aquainted with Met prefixes and this one I've never come across. Made me wonder what it could be (hence my desperate South Wales guess) and if its a Railway, Market or Dock reference. However I'm not sure of that. Tis a puzzler. Monty
  9. That's very kind of you Dave, thank you. I signed copy huh? Brilliant. Rather than discuss the vulgar subject of money here can I PM you? Indeed Mervyn A friend of mine highly reccomended your book and during the same conversation expressed his frustration that there are not more out there like that. I'm having to pick up bits and bobs off the internet and the sage words off contributors here. No offence to anyone however it would be nice to have something tangible I can pick up and put down. Monty
  10. Thanks Dave, Yeah, I was really just thinking what it could be. The photo isn't mine so I shall seek permission. Thanks for replying. Monty
  11. Hi all, A friend has come across an 1880 photo of a very young PC with a Collar no SW12. He initially felt it was a Met PC due to the photographer coming from Pimlico. However I've never seen a Met SW collar prefix. I suspect its South Wales or a specific duty PC. Any help will be gratefully received. Many thanks Monty
  12. Andrew, I've managed to obtain the same helmet plate. I suspect we share the same supplier. As a side issue, PC 171 H arrested a man outside Commercial St nick during September 88, he was becoming abusive due to the fact his mate had been arrested (I suspect this was Pizer aka leather Apron). So you have a little back story to your chosen collar number. Mervyn, Where and how can one obtain a copy of your book? Kind regards all, Monty
  13. Hey Brian, Ok, I will. I must stress that it has been heavily edited and cropped, so doesn't read as I intended it. Also I apologise for the errors you experts will undoubtedly note. In my defence, the deadline given to me was extremely tight. http://www.bbcamerica.com/ripper-street/2012/12/13/the-h-division/ Regards Monty :)
  14. As you know Mervyn, I'm a Ripperologist who has an interest in the Policing of that era. There's bits in that training film the boys of 1888 would recognise. Monty :)
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