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  1. OKOK, are you kidding me, no connection to original medal?? The point is it is made by the original and only manufacturer of the VC. I have seen many copies that are cheaply made. This by far is the best. I would rather have a copy made by the manufacturer than none at all. I can only speak for myself but I can't afford an original awarded VC. If you can go for it!! kevin
  2. I would have also thought they would have sold more by now! Perhaps theri advertising of them is not good? kevin
  3. Hi Kif101, just got signed back on the Forum. Good to hear from you.
    Johnny Rocket FL/NY/USA

  4. That pic looks like a pic of Canada's Victoria Cross. I am not an expert in the VC. I have seen real ones at the British Imperial War Museum but I did not handle any. I also have the VC Copy by Hancocks. kevin
  5. yes thank you. here is another one if you can properly post it. It cost me 600 US, less in Pounds.[ kjf101 Was this what you were trying to post, thank you:) Lorenzo
  6. This is a reply I received from Hancocks when I was inquiring about medal. I will see what I can do about posting a picture. kevin "Metal is bronze similar to the original & the mould used is not the original mould. It is the only only limited edition produced and cased by Hancocks." <BR clear=all>With Compliments Hancocks Est. 1849 52 & 53 Burlington Arcade London W1J 0HH UK<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">
  7. Hi all, The medal came cased with Hancocks name and logo printed on the inside cover. It also came with a certificate of authenticity. I paid about 600 US dollars for it. I just thought it would be nice to have an original copy as I can not afford a real VC. I can send you a pic if you provide me your email. I am at work and can't get into any of the photo sites to upload the pic. kevin
  8. Hi Elmar, I purchased the medal and have it in my collection. I was just wondering what anyone else thought of it. On another British medal forum many of the members put it down stating that Hancocks was only out to make money, etc. My thinking is that this replica medal is made by the only company who produces the VC and it will be worth the investment. PM me your email address and I will send you a pic. kevin
  9. Hi all, Has anyone seen the VC replica by Hancocks of London? What do you think of it, is it worth their price, etc? Thanks kevin
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