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  1. Hi Everyone, Recently I went through dress regulations of several British colonial Military Forces and found that, the lace design for the commanders of these forces were not followed Imperial pattern. In British army and Indian army dress regulations, general officers wore oak leaf and acorn embroidery on dark blue collar and cuff. Commandant of New South Wales Military Forces (in 1895, rank was Major General) wore waratah leaf embroidery instead of oak leaf embroidery according to the dress regulations of New South Wales Military Forces 1895. On the other hand, General Staff officers i.e. Adjutant General, Quartermaster General etc. of Canadian Militia, New South Wales (NSW) Military Forces, Victorian Military Forces wore their own colonial type laces. NSW Military Forces- Waratah leaf lace Victorian Military Forces- Victorian lace Canadian Militia- Maple leaf lace Can anyone give the details of each lace and embroidery please? Cheers Shams
  2. Hi,Yesterday, I went through a book called- "The Armed Forces of South Africa.". I think it is an important book for the researchers who are continuing their interest in unit history. In this book, I have found some regiments like- Natal Mounted Police, Basutoland Mounted Rifles, Natal Native Contingent etc. wore cord uniform, like Baker's Horse wore yellow/ brown cord uniform. It will highly appreciated, if anyone help me to give details of cord uniform by text or image or both please.CheersShams
  3. Finally I got my answer. In the year 1919, Bath stars were changed to current star pattern. It war confirmed by Assistant Curator of Foot Guards Regimental museum.
  4. Hi Mervyn, After a long time, I hear from you. I am good. How about you? I got some images in internet after watching the movie "My boy Jack" which made me confused. These images were during or after Great war. Even I checked Dress regulations 1900, 1904, 1911, 1928. In DR 1928, it is mentioned about the special badges for Foot Guards. So that I asked this question.
  5. Hi,I am interested to know about pips of foot guards officers. After 1880, when did bath star change to corresponding regimental stars like garter star, shamrock star etc.CheersShams
  6. Hello, On several dress regulations (1822,1826,1831,1834 and 1846) for the officers, it was mentioned either regimental pattern or some kind of embroidery. But no detail description had given. Does anyone have any information regarding epaulette strap design of British army in 1822-1855 please? I am looking for books or any weblinks that contains the pictorial view of the epaulettes of British regimental officers. Cheers Shams
  7. Hello, Can anyone inform me about the rank badges of Indian Imperial Police please? Thanks Shams
  8. SO far my little knowledge, it is not British military uniforms. It may be German.
  9. I got my answer from a book named- Staff Insignia in British army 1767-1855, published by Army Historical Research. Its an excellent book. Thanks everyone. Shams
  10. Thanks milhistry. You are correct. But their uniforms were distinct from others. Specially in collar, epaulette and cuff design. Some special embroideries was placed to identify the appointments. So, I am very much interested on collar, epaulettes and cuff design. I need some images on these. Regards Shams
  11. Hello everyone, After 1828, new rank system was introduced in British army for Adjutant General, Deputy Adjutant General, Assistant Adjutant General, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Aide de Camp, Military Secretary, Assistant Military Secretary. Can anyone give details of these? Thanking Shams
  12. Hello everyone, Over the internet, library and books, I didn't get any detail information about the uniforms of volunteer battalions of British army period is 1895-1900. Specially I am searching about the grey and green colored battalions. More specifically, I am looking for the Headdress type and color; tunic pattern; cuff design; pouch and pouch belt. Is there any books or website or any materials can help me lot? Thanks Shams
  13. Hello I got the answer of your query from the book- "Uniforms of the British army, navy and courts". It was worn by the generals of the British army in Victorian period in their mess dress. Regards Shams
  14. Dear all, Take my regards. Recently I got a book from internet- "Costumes of British army 1855". In this book, I have found that, the cuff design of Royal Horse Guards was different from the cuff design of 1857 or later. Can anyone help me to give me the details of the short lived (1855) cuff design of Royal Horse Guards. Regards Shams
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