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  1. Just put myself out of misery -This is an officer’s MKii horseshoe case with frog for sword scabbard sewn onThe sword frog attachment for officers was first introduced in 1901/ 1902…MKII This was a conversion of the MKI case by sewing on a frog. The MKI case without frog would not have had the horizontal steadying strap. MKII has a steadying strap as does the MKIII. Both MKI and MKII had a single strap and buckle for securing to the saddle. MKIII differed from MKII in having 2 straps and buckles for attaching to the saddle dees. Necessary for attaching to the MKIV saddle with the pair the
  2. Greetings all. I have just won an auction with Boer War Officers campaign item and this is the mystery item 16.5 cm across x 15.5 cm wide. The slot in the front is large enough to take a sword scabbard. Any assistance would be appreciated. Alf
  3. Hi Chris - Yes, I was very lucky to find that rig. A very rare item in that condition.It has the Schutztruppe stamp on the inside. Cheers-Alf
  4. Chris - Many thanks, it could well be. It was in the box with this Schutstruppe Bandolier from South west Africa (SOLD) - Cheers Alf
  5. Greetings all- I bought a large amount of militaria a while ago and this was in the box. The leather is extremely brittle and the only marking is a XXX on the buckle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Alf Boyley
  6. Am I correct that this is a Birmingham sterling silver mark made in 1904 ?
  7. Many thanks Peter - Nothing on the back of the items other than a silver mark on the star.
  8. Greetings all - Are these silver items masonic the one has "silver" on it and they both test out at 9.25 silver. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards-Alf
  9. Greetings and complements of the season to all. Could anyone shed some light on this masonic piece that I have just received. I am having a problem with the date and manufacturer as well as with the emblem itself- Any assistance will really be appreciated. Alf
  10. Thanks Alan - Any help in solving this mystery is appreciated!Alf Many thanks Robin - didnt think of a museum numbered item-Cheers-Alf
  11. Many thanks Brian - Hopefully as you say I can probably get a positive result. Cheers Alf
  12. I was given this numbered truncheon by an ex Devon and Cornwall policeman about 30 years ago. I have an idea that it might have been a Plymouth City Police one. Any help would be appreciated. Alf
  13. Very sad news - When I was still in Durban we met on numerous occasions but since moving to the Western Cape our conversations were limited to the odd phone calls -what a knowledgeable gentleman he was - He will really be missed
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