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    I am collecting Red Cross orders and medals from all ower the world. So far my collection contens 550 items.

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  1. Hello Bob I am soory but this is only way I can load a photo, Is this Your box I am interested to buy, please you can send me a e-mail jovanmara@gmail.com Best regards Jovan Mara
  2. In the law itself, which was passed in 1913, it was not the stated reason why he is on the award mentioned in 1912, and most likely it is about the intention to be awarded retrograde, for merits in the I Balkan war. The first Balkan war, which lasted from October 8, 1912 to May 30, 1913. The second Balkan War was conducted from June 29 to July 31, 1913.
  3. This one is interested because normally medals do not have enameled cross. more photo dimensions
  4. Hello I need about how much are this orders .
  5. Hello I have 1939 only miniatures Hello I have 1939 only miniatures Normal one are 1941 Again only miniature 1939 of the bronze one and normal size 1941 I was lucky I didnt know the different from 1939 and 1941 allmost sold the duplicate silver miniature 1939 . Thank You collegues from GMIC.
  6. Dear Friends Collectors My friend from Australia inherited his grandfather's collection. He is not exper in this field, and neither me. Please I hawe question which one are originals and which ones are coopy. He can send better fotos on request. Best regards Jovan Mara His grandfather told him they are all genuine excpet the knights crosses and the crossed ribbon
  7. Hello Graf Do You have Facebook profile it is for me easy to communicate on FB. my profile is Jovan Mara Serbia BR Jovan Mara
  8. Hello Graf Yes all fotos are from my collection You can see on my Facebook I am posting every day Red Cross orders and medals Jovan Mara and on photos -albums-timeline there is collection of all my posts . I do not post Bulgarian ordersa simply because this is badge page but they are beautifyl I have lot more. the gold one is stunding I never see it. Best regards Jovan Mara
  9. Part of my Romania Red Cross collection Last one is Princes Maria but I need identification please for all , Best Regards Jovan Mara
  10. Hello redcross

    Are you still interested in the red cross?  I am collecting red cross too.

    my email    jovanmara@gmail.com  please write 


    Best regards

    Jovan Mara


  11. Hello ThaiDave Please could You inform me when You see on the market something from Red Cross specialy this first class. BR Jovan
  12. Hello ThaiDave Stunding foto, is it possible to buy this medal. One more question I see on the foto indochina medals com do You have more foto of Red Cross or Red Crescent or Red Lion from thet region. Best regards Jovan
  13. Thank You 922F I am trying o present my collection and I am allso learning from many comments that I received , please ask if You have any question. Kind regards
  14. From My collection All lot form one person Maria Louisa Torres de la Cruz nurse and than president of the Red Cross Chile. 1. International Red Cross Florens Nightingel 2. International Red Cross Henry Dunan 3. Spain Red Cross 4. Venecuela Red Cross 5. Panama Red Cross all others Red Cross Chile
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