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  1. Hi! Apologies for my late answer . In the end I didn't took the badge since the owner asked to much... Thank you all for your contributions.
  2. Hi! Thank you both for answers. No! I didn't bought it. I knew that something was "fishy", but did not knew what, that's why I have asked. Have a nice day and thank you again for your help.
  3. Hello! I found this article on sale as military knife, and as I searched for information, I found that it may be British. Can someone please confirm that is a British ww2 fighting knife? Thank you.
  4. Hello gentlemen's, I really need your help in this matter. I don't know if is the right place to post this but I don't know where else to post it. It appears to be a cup prize for shooting, given by some soldiers to someone... Does anybody know more about this item/s? Any information will be more that wellcomed. Thank you, Alex.
  5. Thank you very much for your answer. The owner said that the award was presented to his grad,grandfather who was minister of defence for 3 months, during 1859-1866 period in the newly formed Principality of Romania. Can this be true? Does this model connect to that time period? Of course now comes another question. The guy wants to sell it. He locked on a selling site and he gave me a price but that was a price for a Turkish made not European. How much would be de difference between these two? Thank you in advance for future answers. Best regards, Alex
  6. Hello! Can any one tell me from which period is this item? As I understood up to now, is a third class order but i dont know how to establish the period. Also, I have reserched the jewler on the back but... nothing up to now. Any aditional information will be more than welcomed. Thank you all in advance, Alex
  7. Hi, thank you both for replays! for my knowlodge, is there any chance that some of these badges to come out without silver stamps? i dont contest your knowlodge, i am only asking. also, i have seen different shields, letters, with different enamel colors on at this type of badge, some with enamel some with out. and i read somwhere that they where for , Ifantry and also other arms too so from there the different shilds. is this info true? thank you againf for your time, Al
  8. Hello all, can some of you guys tell me what is this badge? it is an Imperial Russian badge that is clear but , what is it and is it original? what would be a normal price range for it. thank you all in advance for your time, best regards, Al P.s. sorry for the picture quality, i what had only
  9. Hello all, I recently purchased some Czech items. Could some one please tell me if they are authenthic or not and what they are. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Alex
  10. Hi Peter, I hope that my post doesn't come to late. the ribbon bars dont belong to the same person or is a low chance that to happent. the first ribbon bar, belonged to a military person, an officer. is a war ribbon bar which contains the following: 1. order of the star of romania on military virtue ribbon, officer degree, 1877-1932 modell; 2. order of the crown of romania on military virtue ribbon, officer degree, 1881-1932 modell; 3. russian order of st. anne, war type, 5th or 4th class; 4. romanian commemorative medal for the balkan wars 1913-1914 "trecerea dunarii"; 5.
  11. Hello all, Mr. Heusy68, I am interested in more details regarding your Michale the Brave order shown above. Do you still have the order? any findings regading the manufacturers name? does it have a mark on the body of the order? thank you, best regards. Alex.
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