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  1. Hi Guys thanks for your great work on this! And the contribution to and attribution to the history of this piece. Sorry my reply is late too. Haven’t been online much recently.
  2. Here are my Waldeck Ribbon bars one set of which may look familiar to anyone following the earlier posts of this thread. Another Waldeck recipient unknown WWII mix with repair job on the iron cross ribbon. Could this have had wiederholungsspange? Or could it just have simply been damaged on the Russian front and field repaired... The last one for me is a beautiful little Godet set recipient unknown
  3. Thank you for the breakdown of those awards! Very helpful and much appreciated. Weimar awards aren’t my strongest point.
  4. Hi, just sharing this 10 place German officers ribbon bar from 1934 with predominantly Imperial German Awards. I personally don’t see any red flags with the bar, but opinions welcome and any info regarding bearer and military story / service history welcomed.
  5. Sharing some Weimar period ribbon bars, not sure what all ribbons are. But hope they are of interest in this thread.
  6. Thought this little ribbon bar might be of interest for the Imperial forum, so wanted to share: a Prussian ribbon with Landwehr Cross miniature. Mounted on a cardboard or thin leather material backing.
  7. Hi all, I picked up this lovely Godet ribbon bar a while back and think it belonged to a high ranker in the medical profession. Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. I have never seen the oak leaf being used before.
  8. I appreciate how rare the Danzig devices are to find, they are possibly the scarcest of all miniatures. My two for reference.
  9. Hi All, I would like to share some photos of a few ribbon bars I’ve picked up with 1936 Olympic Games miniatures.
  10. Very interesting guys. From period photos, I have seen generals who should be wearing bars of 6+ awards, wearing "abbreviated" bars featuring only 3 awards. There are a lot of discrepancies out there.
  11. thank you for posting the older thread! It's great to see the full medal bar. Definitely matches the ribbon bar :-)
  12. Hi Andreas, thanks for your help. Paul been through it already cover to cover and couldn't pin it on anyone.
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