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  1. I originally discovered this forum while researching my Grandfathers German medals (GSWA), and have returned hoping to find some guidance in my search for information on another relative who served in WW1 in the South African armed forces. My Grandmother's uncle Joseph Styles was an elderly gentleman when I knew him as a small child, so my information is limited to that gleaned as a child only. There was a group of medals (mounted on a bar) consisting of between 6 and 9 medals sitting in my Grandmothers sideboard, these were referred to as "Joey's medals" and remained behind the locked glass door always. My parents emigrated to Australia when I was 16 in 1982 ( a number of years after Uncle Joey had passed away 1973 - 1974) and the medals were still in that sideboard. However, following my Grandmothers passing, and sometime during the next few years those medals were discarded or lost. My parents generation being pacifists had no respect or understanding of what those medals mean, and when I queried their whereabouts were unable to even remember them being there. Basically they threw them in the trash when cleaning out the house. The address of the family home, which Joey lived in prior to enlistment (the family bought it in 1910) and subsequently until he passed away in the 1970's is: 67 Kitchener Ave Bez Valley Johannesburg I have no information regarding what unit he enlisted in, nor the extent of his service. All I know is the medals existed, and that when he met my Dad, he immediately befriended him upon discovery that they (Joey and my German Grandfather) had been at many of the same GSWA battlefields. What I am hoping to discover is some form of documentation that can tie together his name to his unit, and hopefully some way to identify what those medals on that rack were. Any guidance is appreciated.
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