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  1. mickey

    fukushima yasumasa

    I recently purchased this period plate commemorating captain(later baron) fukushima Yasumasa solo horseback ride from berlin to vladivostock in 1893 bit of a recce of the trans Siberian railway that was under construction he was a very interesting man who also served in the satsuma rebellion, boxer rebellion and the russo Japanese war and became very popular in japan
  2. the blue enamel and brass name and number plates were in use from the 1950s thru the sixties and probably into the 70s and later, the plates with the pre 94 flag attached later 80s into the 90s (pre 94) they have a lucite covering but really need a photo
  3. thanks nick hope you are keeping well
  4. I believe these types of cases made it easier to carry ones medals while on service I have seen a couple for multiple medals but not one for a single medal before
  5. mickey

    Flight Suit Patch?

    hi mike its naval the navy ensigns have 16 rays and the offcenter red sun maybe flight suit patch but never seen one cant help with dating
  6. mickey

    red cross miniature

    as always many thanks nick
  7. mickey

    red cross miniature

    hi all picked up this very common red cross special membership medal but it had the less common miniature medal with it which is very well made and includes the reverse nicely made wooden case with some writing on the back just wondering if these sets were specially made
  8. mickey

    Japanese Flag

    interesting as most of the writing is sideways maybe it was hung in a downwards position it certainly gives meaning to the word yosegaki (sideways writing)
  9. hi martin my 2 cents worth most period Japanese military armbands are of a fairly heavy material with hand ties or holes for hand ties at either end also the red sun is usually printed (silkscreened) not sown and all of the ones I have are marked with identifying numbers or characters on them the only genuine collaborator item I have seen was a saki cup and I have noticed the word collaborator is becoming popular with sellers to me the material just doesn't seem right I might be wrong it may be some type of late war item but I have my doubts
  10. military reservist assoc badges the 4 coloured ones are for officers the blue one is the highest rank the orange one the lowest, the star over the anchor on these badges usually indicates reservist items the small badge with the rising sun and anchor with the pink cherry blossom is a naval institute special member badge
  11. rhodesian stocks of camoflage uniforms were worn by the zimbabwe army until 83/84 then replaced by a new design featuring green and brown vertical stripes on a khaki background for the dry season and a pale green background for the wet season in the 1990s zimbabwe reintroduced the rhodesian brushstroke pattern but with brown printed over green as chris correctly noted as a collector of bush war items i have never seen the vertical stripe pattern for sale it may well be in storage or destroyed i have heard some references call it the monkey hand pattern
  12. hi all i have a number of japanese ship launching items all if which i have been able to trace their history except this one japanese mint made medal for the cargo liner akatsuki maru launched in 1936 kobe yard(mitsubishi) just unable to find any history of this ship using the usual references i have been through the us navy records of japanese ships sunk during ww2 but no joy mind you many ships sunk were unknown if anyone has any info it would be appreciated, note there were 2 other ships named akatsuki a destroyer and a tanker both sunk during ww2 just to confuse things (thanks rich catalano for translations)
  13. mickey

    japanese document

    Hi Nick many thanks for taking the time on a translation it is very much appreciated
  14. Looks very much like a European copy of the. British made Webley known as the bulldog based on the well known Webley ric revolver many of these copies were made in Belgium some of ok quality and some downright dangerous calibers varied from 32 to 45 the Webley made revolvers are of superb quality and have the winged bullet Mark on the body some of these copies were made in the UK and this style of revolver was very popular carry gun due to its size and heavy calibre
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