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  1. Hello Trooper_D! Thank you for the compliments. It is mine. I came across it when I bought a huge collection of old books - 3000 titles or so. There was plenty of early 20th century price catalogs of various firms included. Unfortunately this was the only one regarding military. Do you have any idea for how much something like this would go? I am willing to sell it. It's a wonderful document someone else would appreciate more than me - I do not collect ww1. I know ww2 Solingen (for example) catalogs are quite rare and wanted but I've never seen one from such an early period. I also do not find anything simmilar on the internet. Thank you for the info!
  2. Did anyone ever see anything like it? Must be a quite rare piece of paper! 8 pages of items with prices in 3 quality standards.
  3. This is a fresh lot that I got and you gotta know why I love it.
  4. Isn't there already a 3rd edition of this book available? I think I once had it. Is it possible to get it?
  5. I have some very good orders/medals for sale if anyone is interested please write me a perosnal message. Or better yet, please write me at: faleristika AT hotmail.com
  6. Thank you guys. Left sidecap is 100% original and worn, most probably 41-45 period. I can not tell for sure becouse these kind of caps were also worn few years after the war in the JA. The right one is from film/movie fund. I have some more caps with sewed stars, bulgarian partisan cap etc.
  7. Hello Rick and thanks for your answer. Were any simillar worn between 41-45?
  8. We are quite moving away from the topic. Let us continue over the PM. I have sent you a message. Regards
  9. Hello, can anyone tell me more information about these: When and where were they made and what period they were worn? Any pic perhaps? Thank you
  10. Hello. Original 41-45 partisan insignia is very hard to find. If you have anything to offer or to show me from your collection we can continue this debate over the private messages. I am willing to trade for a kidney. My ranks were found here in Slovenia and are 100% original worn by Slovenian in partisan army. Rank: lieutenant. Albanian ranks are quite simmilar and I'm positive some were made in Yugoslavia since many Albanian orders were also made in IKOM and some even in Russia if I remember correctly. Just like Yugoslav ww2 orders who were also made in USSR. Cockades were also shipped from USSR and so on...Do you have any uniform in your collection? Regards.
  11. The last one doesn't really fit. It's IKOM made and not Monetny dvor. Regards
  12. Small part of my partisan collection. For my soul - only 41-45 period. If anyone has anything to offer we can trade for a kidney. Some add-ons... My room is finally getting the real looks... One small part of the showcase... Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Some other stuff including Yugoslav orders/medals and other I'll post some other day. Perhaps.
  13. A simple question. Which Albanian medals and orders were actually worn between WW2? I only know medal of remembrance 42-43. Anything else? + Is it known how many orders od Scanderbeg were made (all classes)??
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