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  1. Serbia: Commemorative Medal for the Election of King Petar I, 1903 With error in inscription КРАЉ СРБИЈE (King of Serbia) written in one word КРАЉСРБИЈE !
  2. Order of the White eagle with Swords Cavalier of the Fifth Class By Arthus-Bertrand first version 1916/1917
  3. Document for this medal from september 1968 awarded to Frenchman signed by J.B. Tito !
  4. Serbian Cross of Charity (1912) version 19 mm ! Serbian Cross of Charity is founded on 7 June 1913 and was granted during the Balkan wars, men and women, wives of the diplomatic corps, who has been active for wounded soldiers and to all persons, including men who have carried out extensive work in trying to improve conditions for treating the wounded and sick soldiers of the Serbian army, but even the Turkish prisoners of war and Bulgarian Soldiers at 2.Balkan War. The medal is awarded for hard and demanding work during the epidemic, fires, floods, famine, . It certainly was for charity work associated with the financial support for hospitals and especially security of drugs and dressing materials for the needs of field hospitals and aid station. Cross is produced by Bertrand Arthur Paris and company Huguenin Frères Le Locle, Switzerland. Ribbon is light blue. Women wear a cross on a ribbon folded into decorative bows. Cross is a fine and carefully excavated, Maltese type. The area of the cross is a very fine grain. The central medallion, which is a red enamel has in its center Year 1912 (rarely 1913). Two variant exists, which varies the size of the center medallion .Statutory diameter of medaillons was 16 mm . and 19 mm (rarely). Free translation of the description: "Cross of Charity. - The wounded and sick 1912 or 1913 " The back of the Cross for all variants is the medallion crowned with an old Serbian eagle emblem on his chest. There are two basic types: 1.Cross, dated 1912 a.-Central madaillon size 16 mm b.-Central medaillon size 19 mm 2.Cross, dated 1913
  5. Serbian Cross of Charity (1912) version 19 mm ! Statutory diameter of medaillons is 16 mm . Produced by Brothers Huguenin Swiss.
  6. The medal is a crown of money laurel that surrounds a medallion of gold where face the effigy of Republic, surrounded with a blue enamel circle, where are registered the words: " Republic French ". To the reverse, the medal, door in the center of the medallion of gold, surrounded with a blue circle, the motto,: " Value and Discipline ". The leaves and buttons of laurel are bound of two latticed ribbons in top and below. The medal is suspended to a aries of money in the shape of trophy of weapons (motives: a breastplate put on an anchor of marine, two tubes of cannons, latticed, an ax, a saber...). The badge is suspended to a yellow ribbon edged of green of the two sides. The Military Medal carries itself after the Legion of honor (or possibly the order of the Liberation) and before the National order of the Merit. To the fall of the Second Empire, the eagle who surmounted the decoration made place to a trophy of weapons and Napoléon's effigy replaced by the one of the Republic (decree of November 8, 1870). The date of 1870 was registered on the inscription (and replaced by a motto by decree of November 8, 1951). RECIPIENTS & CONDITIONS OF OBTAINING : The Military Medal rewards the soldiers and assimilated non officers, in accordance with the R.136 article of the Code of the Legion of honor and the Military medal instituted by the decree of November 28, 1962. She/it can also be conceded (decree took in Council of the ministers) to the Marshals of France and to the general officers, Grand' Cross of the Legion, of honor, that in time of war exercised a command in chief the enemy or returned exceptional services to the National Defense (that last case dates a presidential decree of May 5, 1950). She/it can be assigned: To those that count eight years of military drafts;To those that have been mentioned to the order of the army whatever is their seniority of service;To those that received one or several injuries while fighting before the enemy or in ordered service;To those that are signalled themselves by an act of courage or devotion deserving reward.
  7. He was Born in 1883 ! Last Award Chevalier of Legion of Honor in Age of 74 Years! Unfortunately I am not a collector of French Decorations I looking for Decorations of Serbia and Yugoslavia! Some interested ?
  8. France Decorations of an infantry corporal 1. Verdun Medal 1916 in its original box; 2. Medal 1870 - 1871 "For the defenders of the Motherland" in its original box; 3. Fighter Cross, in its original box (House KRETLY) 4. Social Merit, silver, ; 5. Military Medal 1870 "Value and discipline" in its original box inscribed "Military Medal"; 6. Medal U.N.C. with the ribbon enameled plate inscribed "Vice President", all in perfect condition in its original box; 7. Croix de Guerre 1914 - 1915 with 3 citations: 2 stars silver and 1 bronze palm, perfect condition, no oxidation in its original box inscribed "Military Medal"; 7. Medal of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, in its original box and with diploma signed by General in 1957; Medalbar of 6 miniatures in excellent condition including: 1 Chevalier du légion d'honneur ; 1 Médaille Valeur et discipline 1870 1 croix de guerre 1914 – 1918 ; 1 croix du combattant ; 1 Médaille de Verdun ; 1 Médaille du Mérite.
  9. Here is my Bosnian medal has remains of the gilding not visible on image ! Is this medal awarded or private purchased piece ?
  10. From the Book Decorations and Bages of Serbia and Yugoslavia 1858-1941 (Pavel Car-Tomislav Muhic) According to the records man gave in Serbian Bulgarian War 1885-1886 477 Crosses of the Red Crross Society 284 to foreign nationals. During the Balkan wars and WW I to 1921 (3135 Awards 1807 to foreign nationals. From 1922-1936 during Yugoslav Kingdom (674 Awards 145 to foreign nationals. I have found my "Cross of the Serbian Red Cross Society" last Sunday on International Coin Fair in Hannover.
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