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  1. On Facebook is a group dedicated to collectors of Imperial Austria Orders and Decorations, with the desire to present their collection and exchange opinions. If anyone is interested please join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/472423886619972/?ref=share
  2. Tifes thank you for the very interesting information!
  3. no, by years and ranking they were awarded this way:
  4. Thanks all for nice words. Sorry, I can not find the release date. On the left there is a gold and menufacturer stamp, and on the right there is only a stamp * Best regards.
  5. Thank you all for your comments!!! And I have one request... I'm looking for the original ribbon for MVK first model, can anyone help me?
  6. I’m sorry, it should be on longer ribbon, but unfortunately I do not have it. it should look like that:
  7. My collection of Austrian-military-merit-crosses
  8. I have some doubts about these boxes. I saw that they were occasionally selling at some trade fair, but I have never seen, that they would be selling on any major auction. Also production, inscription... are different from those of the end of the war. So I think that they are from the period after ww1 Please forgive me if I am wrong.
  9. I'm still in this beautiful city. Unfortunately, I did not find anything interesting in terms of decorations... Maybe I find something until Saturday. Once again thanks for yours help! Best regards, Dejan
  10. Thank you for the information! I hope, that I find something interesting for my collection...
  11. Dear members, in the next few days I will visit Budapest... Could you please recommend some good shop with Orders - medals?! Best regards, Dejan
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