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  1. canutt

    2°REP insigna

    Hi everyone, can anyone give me a hand to date this badge roughly? The irregular background of the back would date it before 1960 but the Drago Paris brand corresponds to a post-1960 production. thank you
  2. Hallo to all, please can you tell me something about this inignia? regards, mario
  3. Hallo, can someone tell me how to distinguish a Vietnam Gallantry Cross produced in Vietnam from one produced in the U.S.? Could this cross be awarded without any device on the ribbon? regards, Mario
  4. Hallo to all, please can you provide me some info about these two medals? best regards, Mario
  5. Hallo, please can you help me to identify the medal on the left? regards, Mario
  6. Hallo to all, please can you provide me any info about this freikorps? regards, Mario
  7. Hallo to all, can you tell me if this truppen-ausweis is complete of if it lost a part? regards, Mario
  8. Interesting! It seems to be the smaller version (5 cm rather than 8 cm) of the insignia used by II. Marine Brigade Ehrhardt. These badges, sometimes presented as "badge for armband" (Einwohnerwehr Wilhemshawen using this insignia existed), are probably commemorative insigna for service in the Freikorps. Is the photo dated? When this kind of wehrwolf arm band came into use? regards, Mario
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