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  1. Andy, are there any names with it? I.m looking for a Lübeck Polizeibeamter by the name of Heinrich Wolf Thanks
  2. A case in point for the old axiom: "With great mustache comes great responsibility" Awesome photo, thanks for showing! .
  3. I have some "Hartpappe backing" photographs from during and after the war but they all without exception have the photographers studio embossed or printed on the cardboard. Also the cardboard is a different type. The cardboard backing on the eBay photograph is not legit IMO. I believe it is a modern copy.
  4. I think The initials SW or WS are not of a wife to a king or even a Grand-Duke - since the five pearl pointed crown indicates the lowest nobility rank. More likely a gift to an officer with the above initials.
  5. the first heraldic crown (Rangkrone) is a king's crown - the second with the 5 points and pearls is a German nobility crown.
  6. I agree, it does look like Nander but with the short line across the letter it makes me think it could also be Xander. I would research both possibilities.
  7. Souvenier de Anvers (Antwerpen) Allen herzliche Grüsse Euer Erwin Antwerpen 29.11.14
  8. ... gewidmet von Ihrem ehemaligen Mitarbeiter Willy Müller - august 12, 1916 - 5. Kompanie Infanterie-Regiment 105
  9. Zur Erinnerung an meine Ausfahrt zu dem westlichen Kriegsschauplatz. Chemnitz, den 10 Maerz 1915 Franz Schiefer
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