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  1. Ciao Naxos, is possible have a scan of this page of the book? 8.6 Die Teilnahme der 2. (württ.) Sturmkompanie beim Durchbruch am Isonzo 1917 70 I'm digitizing a nice panel with 24 photographs concerning the Sturm Batallion 16 in Italy and I'm collecting information. As soon as I have done the job I will publish it on my website: www.grandeguerraphotoarchive.com Grazie Paolo Thi is on of 24 photos And this is the recto, The translation: X: mein Herr Leutnant W.Wuehrer, Sturmbatl. 16 "Staff of Assault-Battalion of the Armygroup Herzog Albrecht , in front of our accomodation in Conegliano, Italy"
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