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  1. Thank you, if anybody can identify some more, than let me know.
  2. Can anybody read what this ring plate tell us?
  3. Imo dont exist a 1st or 2nd class. Its only these one class. You cant find any resources for two classes.
  4. I got this nice medal last month. The ribbon is not correct; its to wide. More Informations here: http://antique-photos.com/en/homepage/151-awardsdatabase-en/weimarawards-en/812-german-atlantic-meteor-expedtition-1925-1927-commemorative-medal.html The case was made by Zeh& Schien in Hanau.
  5. And here a very very veryveryvery very rare award document for a honor badge of the KWG. Five days later, Harnack was died. Regards Red
  6. Thats right! The stripe you not find on higher grades of this Order. Look here: (Honorary Knight-Commander) for a foreigner.
  7. I agree, that this is a classic Schuler & Kun grand cross. The ribbon, star, case and award document are lost?
  8. B.t.w.: The Royal Victorian Orders have a delivery number on their backside, no matriculation number. Therefore, it would not be possible to find a recipient using this number.
  9. B.t.w.: This class official dont called 2nd class. Its called: Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany See all of them in several languages here: http://ordensmuseum.de/bundesverdienstorden/ordensstufen-im-internationalen-sprachgebrauch/ Regards Red
  10. Its an extra class: Der Hausorden besteht aus folgenden Klassen: dem Ehrenkreuze l. Klasse, dem Ehrenkreuze Il. Klasse mit Eichenlaub (Il A), dem Ehrenkreuze Il. Klasse (Il B), dem Offizierehrenkreuze, dem Ehrenkreuze III. Klasse, dem Ehrenkreuze IV. Klasse 1. Abteilung (IV A), dem Ehrenkreuze IV. Klasse 2. Abteilung (IV B).
  11. Here I can show you my golden Lippe-Detmold Houseorder Honor Cross 2nd Class with oak leaf. A nice little big beauty. Made by Carl Buesch, Hannover, reissued after reworking by Godet, Berlin, in the years 1911 to 1912. I hope you like it! More detailed pictures at http://ordensmuseum.de/historische-oe/fuerstlich-lippischer-hausorden/ Regards Red
  12. Since I have been able to buy an original engraved anniversary mug, and probably not in the future, I have decided for a different solution. After a long search, I bought a nearly identical mug and had it hand engraved by an engraver like the anniversary mug after the original. Now this mug stands as a replacement for the original not to be procured in my showcase.
  13. Hi, I m looking to download the statutes of the Royal Victorian Order, but cant find it everywhere. It can be a version of the 1980ths years. Does anybody knows something?
  14. I think I found him: Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, 1st Baron Cobbold, PC 29 January 1963 (GCVO) Lord Chamberlain to the Queen and Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order
  15. Well, I think we have dont look for a Chancellor of the Exchequer; we have to look for a Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order. It´s not the same, isnt it?
  16. Can anyone tell me who have signed my showed above document as the chancellor?
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