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  1. Bob,


    I was thinking about buying this lot myself. What a great acquisition!  

    The Bulgarian medal is the Medal doe Service to the People’s Army of Bulgaria.  

    The Ukrainian award is the Badge of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine, basically the equivalent of the Soviet “PVO”.  The Ukrainians merged their PPO with the Air Force in 2004.  Interestingly, it shows the General continued his service into the Ukrainian military up to 1995 at least.  A great crossover group!

    I look forward to whatever research this yields.



  2. No, unfortunately Alexei does not have his website anymore. He is selling on eBay under the name Nota Bene. You will see his stuff if you search for Mongolia Order or Mongolian Order.  He is a great seller!

    I bought a significant number of my items from him to include rare examples listed in the Urnukh’s book.  

  3. All,


    I am sure I am not the only one still collecting Mongolian ODM, but I am running out of sources for adding to my collection.

    I have found mongolia.at.ua to be pretty much closed down, Mongolia-shop.de still has some food selection as does collectrussia.com.

    Does anyone know of any other online dealers?




  4. Ed,  

    Sorry this is a post regarding a post in Documents a GoGo.  I am in the process of purchasing Order of Red Banner of Combat Valor #859 and I saw you posted the document many years back. Is it for sale? I would be interested in reuniting the document with its order.




  5. Japan X,

    Thank you for the in-depth responses. I had not thought of the Soviet troops actually based in Mongolia. That might explain it the ones I have been seeing whose names don't come up on podvignaroda. I wish there was a way to search names in the 39th. Do we know if these officers were also issued other anniversary and jubilee medals as well?



  6. I found a website for Mongolian Orders and Medals, but am having trouble contacting the individual running the website. His name is Alex and it is a blogspot page from Russia and he has some orders for sale.

    Please email me, will.lange@gmail.com, if you know how to contact him.



  7. Then I would put Deputy of the State Great Khural (circa 1951-1960). I have seen just one type of this badge with a screwback reverse. The picture of the badge is depicted previously. The serial number ranges from 0001-1000. But the Chairman of the SGH Bumtsend in his letter to the Mongolian Embassy in Moscow dated in February 1951, he requests the 100 of such badges be made with a pin back reverse. Therefore, there is a possibility of the same badges to have a pinback reverse. But I have never seen this type of badges with the pinback reverse. Anybody has it? Please post.

    This is all so very interesting and I think it is great that you have found such detailed information!

    My question is this, which of these Deputy Badges should be the most valuable? In the past year or so I have noticed that many dealers sell the Deputy of the State Great Khural for the lowest price.



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