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  1. The website link is: http://www.projecthougoumont.com/who_gb.html. Yes, it does seem like a worthy campaign.
  2. Hello. I am new to the forum and wanted to ask if anyone has knowledge of the following, as well as offering up some idea of the likelihood of tracking down related decorations/militaria: 1. 'The Neilgherries' (a nick name I assume) of the 29th Mechanised Native Infantry - during station at Ootacamund, India in around 1855 2. 1st Madras European Fusiliers - during engagement at Pegu, Burma in January 1853, during the 2nd Anglo-Burmese War
  3. Hello everyone. I am another newbie to the forum and have joined to support my family's research and the retrieval of posessions lost to us over the years. I have many avenues to explore, but I thought I would begin with this discussion and I hope the information will be of interest. I would like to start by introducing Lieutenant-General Sir William Nicolay KCH CB, Governor of Mauritius, St.Kitts and Dominica (if you don't know of him already). The reason being that his father and grandfather were formerly of the Ducal state of Saxe-Gotha and came to England in 1736. William also commanded 5 companies of the Royal Staff Corps at Waterloo and led the 1st Light Batallion of the Kings German Legion at Corunna. We have a portrait of William in his finery, which has prompted us to being a search for his medals. I concede however, that this will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Great website and all fascinating stuff by the way!
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