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  1. Hi:  For all of you "Learned Gentlemen" at GMIC,, I really need your Help.

      I have not posted, nor have I contributed much,  nor asked many questions, since I have been a member, in the past-few years.  I have just read, posts, articles, questions and looked at the "Lovely" photos  (Most of them made me drool-with-envy) and wished that  the items were mine.  However if you will forgive me, I need your assistance in identifying a "reefer style jacket", that I have obtained from Germany, a few years ago, You see I am a Sword/Sabre Collector (Mostly Navy) and also Uniforms and Hats to go with the swords.   I have no idea, for sure, what this jacket is.

      The Jacket is approximately  a U.S. size 40 or 42.  It appears to be a "Navy style" reefer jacket or Rock of some Military or quasi-military formation.  It came-to-me with a Tailor's Label attached to the front closer flap from Albert Hilbert KG., Rastatt.  At the bottom of the tag it is "stamped": 20 Mai 1939 and elswhere on the tag there seems to be, handwritten, 1937.  The tag is named to a Mr. Fuchs, and it identifyed a "Rock" and is marked: BA 76 and Korp. Gr. 186. along with many size and other numeric notations.  I will enclose a enlarged scan of the tag.  

      The jacket is a dark Blue and is rendered in fine wool cloth (Moleskin or Badge cloth), it is double breasted and has NO Insignia anywhere on it, save 2 golden tress (litzen) at the bottom of each sleeve,  like the normal Navy designation for an Ober Leutenant.  However; these stripes are tailor-applied and are not "Sewn-through" the sleeve lining, like they were added-later.  The "Litzen" are also of a smaller width  stripes than normal navy litzen,  l(Like the width used for NSDAP, Polizei and S.A. Marine) officers or the like, shown in some wartime periodicals.   The dark blue color of the jacket is slightly lighter and off-shade, when compared to some of the other Kriegsmarine reefer jackets, that I have.  I have Moleskin, gaberdine and Twill types and this one is lighter in color.  Under close-scrutany I find NO thread remnants or any color or shade difference, anywere on the jacket, that might show where collar patches, shoulder titles, armbands or the like, might have been removed.  It is a mystery-to-me.

      When the jacket was recieved, there is another anomaly in that the jacket came with a place for 8 buttons on the double brested front.  There were "Knots" where it appeared that the Buttons "had been sewn on and then removed"? When I inspected all of the pockets I found 4, size 10, Naval Anchor Buttons in the left hand flap, hip pocket.  The back of each button was marked: RZM  M5 / 72     RZM.    I think that the fact it has RZM numbered buttons says, it is probably for someone  in a Navy unit that is NSDAP associated?   I have since obtained 4 more buttons, of the same type, from Helmut Weitze in Germany.

      The inside of the jacket is of the fine quality, that you would expect of a special, Tailor Made garmet and follow closely the lining and finishing found in a Tailor made Navy, Officer ,jackets.   The full interior is lined with silk-like Navy blue material and the inner lining is off-white sateen with black stripes running


    down the inside of the arms.  There is, also,  an illegible stamp on the off-white striped lining.   Sabelwerke1@att.net

    Michael   Cameron

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