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  1. Agreed Mervyn -- very pleasing to see the newly added detail --- regret from my point of view I have nothing constructive to add -- but hope this does not "die" Thank you Gentlemen for your continued interest Nick Charman
  2. Thank you very much for the prompt reply -- I will now get myself a copy -- and hope I will be able to get further information regarding my fathers service with the RIC. --- Nick
  3. To 1314 I do apologise for the length of time it has taken me to make a reply. I thank you for your reference above to the RIC & AEC -- I regret my father never ever spoke about Ireland to me ( only how he loved the place and the people ) -- however once my Mother did say something about 3 major incidents -- all being ambushes -- and my father being wounded ( I thought twice ) --- these ambushes involved the deaths of very senior RIC Commanders -- and one My Father being the only Police Officer left alive ( although wounded ) --- I do not think she had any idea of areas or locations.
  4. Nick to 1314 -- Yes 1314 I have seen today and replied today -- although I can't see my reply -- which was, I hope a direct PM sent just before lunch.
  5. Mervyn -- yes "Sir" I am indeed very fortunate -- I did not think there was the slightest chance of finding out anything at all -- so it beggers the question -- why on earth did I post it You are of course right about how young I am --- I regret however My father did not keep any of his HKP "stuff" at all -- knowing him he would have handed it all back to stores -- and kept the receipt ! I thank you very much for your thoughts Kindest regards, Nick Charman
  6. To 1314 This reply ( albeit not as quickly as your response is entitled to /and or deserves ) is sent with my very very sincere thanks. As Mervyn quite rightly says in his reply " Nick is very fortunate indeed". Everything in your reply is one hundred percent accurate. that is everything I had any knowledge of -- which was only his DoB and DoD 1314 you have been so thorough it seems cherlish to ask this -- but if you allow me may I query the"China Coaster" -- the picture I was referring to was on dry land ( matbe a parade ground of sorts -- and guard to the Empress of Canada. I hav
  7. Firstly may I thank you for both your replies:- My father joined the Hong Kong Police Force ( when pensioned off from the Royal Irish Constabulary, when Southern Ireland became a Repulic ) and was invalided out in 1935/36 His name was Arthur Ernest Charman and he wore a crown over three stripes ( if he had that rank in the Army -- I think he would be called a staff sargeant -- but in the HKPF I think he was called a Crown Sargeant ?) My understanding is that he joined at that rank ( as there was no lower rank for an englishman ) at that time. There is a photogragh in the entrance
  8. Can I ask if anyone has any information regarding online records for the HKPF prior to 1941 -- do in fact any records exsist -- my understanding is that records in Hong Kong were destroyed by the Japanese -- and is it correct to say there is almost nothing held for that period of time in this country ?
  9. Hi Chris I am not accomplished in many things, and one is the use of this site --- I did make a reply to you yesterday, and pressed the wrong button -- and can't find it, or any trace of it. However my answer went something like this :- 1) Memory and detailed remembering -- yes you are very right -- you did also miss out on the word embelish -- which can also creep in. 2) I am in my 79th year -- and regret that in fact my Father and I never talk to each other about WW1 or WW2 directly -- or about his history. My recollections come from being allowed to be with him when his Pals cam
  10. Thank you Gunner 1, May I apolgise for my lack of knowledge --- I must have got it totally wrong at "Kew" --- and I was sitting opposite him !!! Again thank you for the time and trouble you have taken to answer my question --- if you will allow me -- I will go through your many points above and put further queries and or questions to you? 1) LG lists medals "officially" awarded -- Q -- does that mean you have "turn up some where" and have it given to you --or "pinned on" --- and if this has not taken place " its not official ?? 2) I understand what you say -- and my Father never e
  11. Thank you Gunner 1 -- can i ask a stupid question -- does the LG post entries for French decorations -- I was told a "KEW" -- they did not -- so my stupid question is " does the LD post entries for any CdG awards to recipiants outside France -- and have you seen any at all ?? thank you for your interest Kindest regards, Nick Charman
  13. P Keating, Yet again my thanks to you, may I answer you as follows:- 1) Thank youn for all the information regarding PM me -- will action much later in the day -- again thanks 2) The French translation --- may I ask you to read below before you do any thing - Please I am not completely with it -- I said originally in my posting on this site that I had not received a reply to my December email -- regret not true -- when I checked further -- I had -- and so I sent the email below -- also shows it date and time, as always. I will answer more fully later in the day -- but wanted to
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