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  1. Researching OR is very difficult, unless your gentlemen was into a big action which is well documented for civilians. Double strikes are indeed clerical errors and these kind of medals turn up time to time in India
  2. Hi All, I recently managed to reunite ww1 trio awarded to 2/Lt A. E. Azevedo of Royal engineers / postal department. He served as superintendent of Bombay foreign posts and was awarded MBE in 1919 and ISO in 1939. I tried looking for his photograph online but no luck, wondering any of our group members can guide me on how to get a photograph of him.
  3. Recently added a single war medal awarded to a lady for services during world war 2 British war medal - 278395 PTE NOORI BEGUM I.W.A.C. I wonder if anymore to this unit are in existence.
  4. Very nice, ribbon looks similar to indian 20 years long service medal
  5. Morton and Eden will help you
  6. You can connect with Terrence he is based out of UK and goes by name Boer to Korea at eBay.
  7. Is should be B.S.F, there is nothing like border security police i am afraid.
  8. Hello Hoopa, Yes there is a certificate associated with every foreign mission you go are chosen for, for an example the U.N. medal and videsh seva medal associated to it will also have a completion/commendation certificate from head of mission and force commander.
  9. Hi Cazack, Following are a few good contacts 1. Goga jain from Gole market near to Connought place. 2. Army Equippers can be a good option for ribbons (no medals) provided owner is in good mood. 3. Rakesh Jain from Manidhari Jewellers near to Gurudwara chandani Chowk 4. Vijay Kumar near to Sikh museum chandani Chowk 5. GD Verma & Sons chandani Chowk for ribbons. I hope you will find this helpful. Thanks
  10. This is British Indian blood donor badge
  11. His General Service medal would be with clasp Jammu and Kashmir 1947 missed out mentioning that
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