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  1. Art, the document is great particularly nice since it is family. Thanks Bison, I have a copy of the book. Hope to some day have an English version, however in the meantime it is still very helpful Best Jack
  2. Here is an addition to my now growing Colonial Medal collection. A bar of the type Arthus Bertrand, with what looks to be an engraved Fezzan-Tripolitaine. The planchet is Lemaire hallmarked and reversed marked with a 1 and cornucopia. I am still struggling to nail down the planchet makers, but am working on it. If someone recognizes this maker please let me know. Thanks John ">http://
  3. Many thanks for that good common sense advice. I do have a tendency to skitter off into "miniscule detail" at times and you are correct, it does leave one frustrated. As you aptly put it " a trigger to dig deeper" , that is what really brings the enjoyment. I will take that advice and move forward with my Colonial Medal pursuits. Best John Kelly
  4. Thank you Odulf, I have Msr Binet's Book and am studying it. The language translation slow's me a little. but it has been very helpful. I had not been a collector of the Colonial Medal however recently a few accumulations have been offered to me here in the U.S. I am trying to learn as much on the topic as possible. I have always found Frecnh Colonial history interesting and as a result am drawn to the medal and its campaign bars.
  5. Thank you, having thought about this date of 1973, the bar would have to be for collectors as It is doubtful if any of the participants who were authorized wear of this bar would have still been alive in 1973 or later. Are all clasps with the 1* type marking considered collectors pieces. Should all pieces marked just 1 or 2 (no star) and cornucopia's be considered post WW2?
  6. The lighting might make it look that way, it is old and the ribbon is faded around the bar but not underneath, so I am assuming this ensemble is old. I slid the clasp off and checked the reverse, it is mark with a 2 and cornucopia's on each side, the pinch is unmarked. Is that mark Monnaie De paris All of the medals in this collection look old and some are rimmed marked Argent .It was the clasps that had me wondering. This collection had a strip of Colonial medal ribbon with about 25 different clasps attached. I took those off today and checked the reverse for hallmarks. Many have marks of 1 or 2 and having cornucopia's on either side of the mark. Thanks for the response
  7. Decided to slide the Centre Africain clasp off the ribbon to have a better look, I am always a little reluctant to do this for fear of damaging the ribbon.. The back of the plaque is marked with a 1 and star and a flourish on either side, the slide or pinch is umarked. This would correspond to a type described in Mssr Binet's book. However as I read further it sounds as though this mark might be from the early 1970's. Is that correct? The Jeton is also marked with a 1 and flourish on either side as well as the intertwined G/L hallmark, however it does not have the star as the clasp did. Still would like to hear others opinions. Is my assumption that this clasp is a bit more scarce than others correct, or just wishful thinking? Is this a made for collector's piece. Many thanks.
  8. Hello Gentleman, have not posted in a while but wanted to refresh the Colonial Medal discussion. At a recent Military show here in the U.S I was able to purchase a moderately sized collection of Colonial Medals and clasps. I am posting 4 of these today. There was a good variety of Jeton "Medal" types and clasps. The clasp I would like an opinion on is the last in my photo and that is "Centre Africain". My assumption is this is a little harder to find than other clasps so my question " is this clasp good? or are the reconstitution/reproductions of this clasp" ?? I have Mssr Binet's fine publication on the Colonial Medal and have studied it. The clasp looks OK from what I can see. Do I need to make a better photo? Thank You for any and all input.
  9. Thank you Jules for the post of your trip to KL
  10. Can anyone tell me if this tag was issued to an American?? If so under what circumstances and what else does the tag tell us. Many thanks
  11. 6 different units, That would have made him one heck of a fighting man. yes that was a poor assumption on my part, thanks for the clarification. As with much research into military records etc there are usuually no quick and or sure answers. Even though I tried. Much appreciated.
  12. As I start to compare numbers and prefixes their looks to be a difference in unit and location. K which the medal in question has would denote B.C and Yukon Terr, District # 11. The serial number of 13816 would denote Regiment de la Chaudiere 9001 - 14000. Which is located in Militia District 5 - Prefix E - Eastern Quebec and Western Newfoundland. Assuming this serial number was his WW2 issue. Am I looking at this in to precise of an interpretation?? Could there be differences like this??. I am assuming that the block of serial numbers would be unique and allocated only once to one unit? However I just noticed that this serial number could have been repeated in the Royal Canadian Regiment 12001 - 20000 which had a prefix of Permanent Force Joining the CASF - Prefix P. Different prefix letter though Thanks
  13. Mike, many thanks. that is very helpful. Your efforts on behalf of this thread are quite commendable. I have just doubled my knowledge of Canadian Medals. Best John I will go back and get the other medals
  14. Thank you Mike, So he was a 2 war veteran. That would explain the WW2 rack of medals that were with this group in the shop where these were found.. None of the WW2 medals were named so I left them behind. I will continue to try and determine what the K represents. Any way to research this veteran's service? Thanks again
  15. The inscription appears on both the Queens Canadian Korea Medal and the U.N. Medal. SK-13816 L.J. Browne. There is also a Canadian Korea volunteer medal that has no rim inscription. thanks for any help on this as Canadian items do not show up much here in Central Illinois
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