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  1. If I could find an unnamed named WW1 WAR medal that would be great.There must be a stock of unnamed medals as a recipient or his/her next of kin is legally able to apply to purchase a replacement.May be some of these have found there way onto the market.
  2. I agree with you, Sadly as the war medal was the only named medal in the group ,there would seem to be no other option. As family medals they are not going to be sold!!
  3. Is there anyone able to rename a WW1 WAR medal, to replace one missing from a family group.
  4. [ T.P.BRYANT 8TH Batt Manchester Reg, after the war 1st Batt
  5. harribobs, Please do , plus the following INFO and pictures 2nd Lt Rowland Causer BROOKS. 1/6th K.I.A 4/6/15 PICTURE 2 Capt Achibald Buckley BROOKS. 2/6 th. K.I.A 7/10/17 [
  6. I have two officers and a ORs pre war cap badges . What dates where they in use?
  7. Harribobs, I have two photographs (1914/15) of 6th Batt officers, both have standard Manchester Regiment dogs with a territorials 'T' (seperate badge) on their SDs.
  8. Can anyone identify the maker of this EKII?
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