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  1. Hi Walter thank you for your explanation, it is very clear now. I am pretty sure the medallion is not made of gold, and with thin border on the backside lower arm. So the sample I've got would be a 2nd class by Leser. thanks
  2. Hi Walter and Andreas thank you for your checking, and useful comments. I will keep that in mind thank you
  3. Dear all Here I got one MVK 1st Class with Crown in gold color for your Review. not sure if the color and details looks ok? All comments are very welcome, thank you Eric
  4. Hi All I got a Bayern MVK 1st Class with Swords. but not 100% sure if it is in gold for 1st class, the gold finish looks faded. I have make a true 2nd class aside to compare with the color. any comments are welcome thank you
  5. Great badges indeed, my personal favorite badge as well, especially tombak examples
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