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  1. You hit jackpot with Klaus. Congrats
  2. Mint condition for sure or else cleaned. Nice Wilm cross
  3. I believe K.A.G might be Klein AG, as in Klein Oberstein, a.k.a K.O.
  4. Wow!! Thanks. I just recalled a couple of pictures when you had them vertically in small wooden shelves, but the green backing and horizontal display looks amazing. The bavarian gunner is really a killer. And all those observers... what an incredible array of airmen you have there. Thanks again. It is never enough.
  5. Ferg, is your collection shared here somewhere or in WAF? Would love to scroll through your badges.
  6. My precious is certainly this 1870 Schnalle. I got it after tough bidding some years ago. It was priceless for me cause I had inherited a miniature chain with the exact combination +1 , so what would have been the chances had I not pressed harder...
  7. https://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/bibliothek/digitale-bibliothek/ Here you have the rankliste
  8. Ive seen this one in the market for years now. Emedals had it restored as well. Wouldnt know who was it meant for originally and why it ended up as a brooch before the golden pin broke off
  9. This is the only thread I found were Malval farm is mentioned. Anyone know anything else about the fighting that took place there in May 1917? Thanks. Alex
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