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  1. Thank you Tony, but i am sure 29526 is not the service number of the soldier, but a reference to identify the regiment in normandy . I had seen that on other Large PAck. seb
  2. Hello guys, i am looking for your help for this small pack found in Normandy. J. FRASER 14416131 29526 L I suggest "29526" is a serial number for the regiment. Any idea how i could identify this Regiment ? thanks seb
  3. Hi, Does any know this insgnia painted on MKII Helmet found in nomrandy. It's look like a green Wheel, with a yellow stripe over it. thank you seb
  4. Thank you for you help Tony. I will try it ! best regards Seb
  5. Hi, my last question for today I have a gourd with this service number : 22276400 Which regiment used this range ? Thank you seb
  6. Hi Guys, I have this picture of 2 canadian of "Regiment de la chaudiere" took in England ( The bus in background ). Could you help me to identify the Town where this picture has been taken ? thank you Seb
  7. Hi, i found this belt in a "garage sell". How could i get more information about this Lieutnant Colonel ? thanks you guys, Seb
  8. Hi gentlemen, thanks for your feed back. Mervyn Mitton, do you think to this insignia : the form of the Guard division, is not exaclty the same, thanks for helping. regards
  9. Hi, Does any one know what this insignia mean on mkII helmet ? it seam to be a yellow cross with red or brown backing... hard to say.. This newspaper was behind the liner :
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