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  1. "...there is a book that would give a list of recipients & their actions on winning the Al Valore...???? Can enybody help me?
  2. Please, can anyone help me at the classification of this Clasp? Who was the man? Engraved is "CAPUTO VITO 7 AGOSTO 1916 S. MAURO" Thanks, Kronenorden
  3. Hello Mark,
    if you interestet in new Reuss stuff, please send me an PM.
    Regards, Kronenorden .....Mario (Saxonia)

  4. In my opinion it can be this reussian Award. Erinnerungsabzeichen zur silberenen Hochzeit 1909. Regards, Kronenorden
  5. Hello, can somebody say which award is missing in the middle? Thanks, Kronenorden
  6. ....my new medal from Reuss j.L., 1. Modell 1885-1902 in the perfect case.....
  7. Yes, I think you are right, I have a photo with a wrong ribbon there. Regards, Kronenorden
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