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  1. Jason, Some people are doing it because they don't want associate theirs names with Third Reich items. So, before giving or selling it, some are damaging the tag or sometimes the item itself to remove names on it. Ron
  2. Hello, The bayo itself is ww2 era and is for a german Kar 98k. The markings on the grip are german Waffenamts. The frog is not from this bayo. Here are some examples.
  3. Not really. I just bought a P08 holster and pilots googles.
  4. Yes, I own the blue belt but not yet the straps. One day maybe.
  5. Hello guys, There is a long time i did not posted. Here is picture i took in 2011. Ron
  6. Hello, I haven't posted since June. Here are some new set-up. :beer:
  7. Hurry up man, This one is a bargain. $50.00 http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=364484
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