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    Primarily interested in British Private Armies/Special Forces during WWII. Also greatly interested in the British experience of Jungle Warfare (Burma/Malaya/Borneo).

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  1. Blueman, check the information I posted in your earlier thread on this helmet?
  2. I checked the name. Only 2 matches. The first George Chinn attested 18 September 1891 and served in the 4th Battalion Liverpool Regiment. The second George Joseph Chinn attested 7 August 1890 and served in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
  3. Hello, I would really appreciate any assistance in positively identifying the regiment(s) to which these men belong. Thank you in advance.
  4. Small update for those of you interested. Ed liked the group but confirmed the possibility of researching this man as near impossible. Brian, the recipient was a member of the Military Police. Regards, Des
  5. Thank you for the replies everyone. I have sent Ed a message and will let you know what he says. Out of curiosity, why would I be savaged on the Sagongs forum? Brian, the following is impressed on the Pakistan Independence Medal: 3232882 NK. Sardar Ali CPMP Regards, Des
  6. I would like to share this medal group that I just picked up. The Pakistan independence medal is named to 3232882 NK. Sardar Ali CPMP. Given the wear it would appear the recipient wore these often and with pride. I suppose researching this chap would be quite difficult then? Regards, Des
  7. Nice blog. I've been to that fair myself in the past and managed to pick up some bargains but most of the stuff is as you say overpriced in the extreme. When given a ridiculous price I am generally polite, try not to laugh and simply walk away. However if the dealer is particularly obnoxious or rude I find the best approach is this. If they are offering item X (normal market value $20) for $200, simply ask how many identical examples would they like to buy for $50 a piece. That usually stops them dead in their tracks.
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