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  1. Tony You are correct NZ SWB issue numbers do not equate to service numbers.
  2. Greetings all This is either a strange fake (one that I have not seen before) or a 30's German made example?? Help please, It is from an old New Zealand collection. Thanks in advance.
  3. Greetings all I would appreciate educated thoughts on this badge please as I am told the hook may be a replacement? These are the only two images I have at present. Thanks in advance
  4. Fantastic! Many thanks. Any idea in where this div was deployed 1914-18?
  5. ----------------------------------------------
  6. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_11_2012/post-11079-0-24004200-1353759271.jpg-----
  7. I was lucky to aquire this group some time ago, I have always wondered about the 'supposed brass dogtag' is it a dog tag or something else and what is written on it? The group was a New Zealand WW1 veteran bringback. Enjoy the images and please help re the dogtag query. Thanks in advance.
  8. Yeah good, those first images on WAF were the sellers photos, he had taken them with the bar upside down...I thought that was fairly obvious if you read the thread. I am done. 'Comms out' But Gentlemen, I have a question - What are we talking about here!?! In case no one has noticed, the bar presented here (post #2) is mounted in the frak, or reverse, form. The bar originally presented on the WAF in the thread titled "Imperial Group of Five - help please" (post #1) is mounted in the standard (left to right) form. That does it. :speechless:
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