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  1. Hello GMIC memebrs, can anybody give me some information about the value of the cap badge? greetings Michael
  2. Hello, and I get also this cap badge. I think it is a officer part but from which regiment? Greeting from Germany MichaW
  3. Hello, I get this new badge/pin. Do you know for what it was given? Thanks. Greeting from Germany MichaW
  4. Hello, I get two new silver ware badge. Can you tell me the name behind the nummers? C 16263 B 57288 Greetings from Germany MichaW
  5. Hello, exist a list of all foreign medals which was awarded to british troops? greetings Michael
  6. Hello, I get this medal group with the following medals: Order of the British Empire Queens South Africa Medal with five bars South Africa 1900, South Africa 1901, Transvaal, Orange Free State, Cape Colony, 1914 Star War Medal Victory Medal Khedive Star Ottoman Medjidje Order Do you think we had the possibility to get the name of the owner? greetings from Germany Michael
  7. Hello, I get a short time ago this nice uniform from a Sutherland Highlander soldier. Can you tell me something about the date of production and the current price for that kind of pieces? It is verry difficult to find a older spporan from this regiment? Thanks Geetings from Germany Michael
  8. Hi, good evening. I get with the first miniatur group a second one. Maybe it´s the group from Walter Cole? Greetings Michael
  9. Hello Friends, thaks yor your suppert. It is the first time that I research GB medal groups. Now I get the information from National Archives, but what kind of information is in this cards? greetings from Germany Michael
  10. Hello Bill, thx for the fast replay. I check in the National Archives with Regimental Number: S2/015097 the information. But there is with this no. a Pte Harold Houghton listed? Micha
  11. Hello friends, I get this silver war badge with no, 437588. I came with this kind of a miniature medal group. Do you think we get the name behind this little nice group? Greetings from Germany Michael
  12. Hello, can every body tell me something about this tabs? I think it´s from a Gruppenfuehrer of the SA Berlin-Brandenburg. What´s your opinion? Original? Price? ... Greetings from Germany Michael
  13. I will show you my new and rare cross from Wuerttemberg. I was given (as of 1850) for long service in the army (OEK3085) and after dead it returns to the goverment. greetings from Germany MichaW
  14. Hello, what does you think about this kind of a Narvik plate? Original? greetings Michael
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