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  1. I have the EXACT one to the same unit but it is blank. No clue if it is good.
  2. Paul, I have been traveling so this has been my first opportunity to see this. Words fail me! After writing about him in my book I really love seeing the uniform. So amazing - one lucky friend you have as I would give anything just to see it in person let alone own it. The PINNACLE for any Flak lover! Marc
  3. Gents, The Flak book is now available for preorders of the limited edition ONLY. If you would like a signed leather limited edition please send an e-mail to Dietrich Maerz, but for a standard just wait as there will be plenty of those: dmaerz@ironcross1939.com Here is the book flyer: http://www.ironcross1939.com/flak_badge.htm NO PAYMENTS until the books are shipped. Delivery sometime in the late spring. Thanks! Marc
  4. Is there any possibility they got back in business between 12/44-5/45? Their factory was rubble, the dies must have been lost - or was it possible? Their new office was in the western zone making West German awards. God knows they were out of the eastern zone for good...
  5. Thanks Jay - all good info! I find the Schwerin bit quite interesting. Too bad we have so many forums - seems all the good bits n bobs get placed a bit about! Raises one major question for me - why change your mm? Other firms did it. Brehmer had two for the Tombak and then went GB. Why make a change? Stamp wearing a bit? We all know the Juncker mm was poor, and they had come off the CEJ mm. Any thoughts?
  6. Gents, I have been reviewing the state of play on our understanding of the SW68 markings and would like to see if there are any thoughts out there. Generally agreed upon: 1) The SW68 is a good marking (of this I am 100% certain) 2) The SW68 is the last marking used by Juncker (based on Flaks I can say this marking is only seen on the third and final pattern Flak badge) Questions I have: 1) WHY did they change the mm? 2) Could it have been because they were producing after the factory was bombed in 1944 and they added the 68 to mmeorialize the old address? This is romantic, but can we believe and dies survived and they continued post-44? 3) Is there any other info out there on the 68 marking? Discuss. Thanks! Marc
  7. Hoping you can ID the recipient of my 1870 EK1. Name scratched into the reverse looks like SAMOW or something like it...
  8. Does anyone have any info on General Jurgen Schmidt, 1870EK2, "Spicheren," "Beau La Rolande," next to "Gravelotte-St.Privat," "Beaumont," "Sedan" bars, 1866 Koeniggraetz Cross; 1864 War Commemorative Medal; China Commemorative Medal in Steel for non-combattants; 1897 Centenary Medal, Saxon Duchies: Ernestine Ducal House Order: 2nd model Knight Cross 2nd class.
  9. Gotta love the holes from the capture! She looks great - much of her is original. The bow planes are replacements, the interior floor was replaced, and some of the interior came from other boats. The observation periscope is original, but the attack scope has not been found. Marc
  10. The small conning tower is to teach the principles of periscopes. the tour inside is the best part! But no cameras... Marc
  11. What is the earliest Flak Award document or soldbuch/wehrpass entry you have? Anyone earlier than August 1941? Thanks! Marc
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