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  1. hers mine! im told from around 1942!
  2. i got a nevsky that i realy realy want to research is this possible anymore at all?and if so how do i do it?????thanks
  3. iv only ever seen one 1st class here in dublin and that was 4 years ago and i bought it! payed wwwwwaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to much for it (i knew it then and i know it now!) but i love it to bits so its gonig no where!(how much you ask well eeerrrr ?200 irish pounds bout ?280 nowadays!)
  4. ok got this badge a little while ago but the person selling it didnt know if it was real or fake so sold it to me as fake! so what do you guys think? its well made has traces off silver finish in the makers mark on the back and in the leaves on the front! any help is great!
  5. thats brillant!! wonder what they will come up with next!! a bolloon obesrvers badge!!!! oops to late!!!
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