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  1. well not posted it here but thought it show this little bar i picked up at a military show a few months ago for the outrageous price of free!!!! :cool::D from what i understand there for

    1) Organization of National Ex-Servicemen Medal - 1981

    2) Organization of National Ex-Servicemen - Limerick Treaty

    300th Anniversary Medal - 1991

    thought you guys might like to see her as she aint the normal bars you see from ireland!!! :beer:

  2. does stogie sell alot of impy aviation badges????dont think he does!! but i have to say vinderland 30 your comments are very very unjustified and very very VERY ill-educated in in them self! stogie has done nothing but EVER help people for years as has many many many other people on this very fine forum! i think YOU spent the money on this badge wanted to show it off and now are miffed that its a fake! this happened to my self! my first 2 ww2 iron crosses turned out to be fakes but i toke the hit and learned from my mistakes! if you bothered to research yourself youd have found its not real! you've even got the postmortem report on the guy whos it engraved to!! what more proof do you want? shall was go to his grave and just check to see if hes still there??

  3. iv a nice ss group to a kid who joined the ss in sep of 44 and it has pics and his award docs as well as his soldbuch!the seller(who is a friend) was getting very very disheartened that he had tried to sel(as he did need the money)l the group but people only wanted bits of it! im not really into SS stuff but i did like the set so i spent 6 months paying for it and im really really really chuffed i have this group and the fact the seller(may mate) let me pay in stages otherwise i wouldn't have been able to afford it!! just thought you might like to hear a story of a group that stayed to together!!!!! oh and iv no intention of selling it for a long time either!! so good story DO happen! :beer:

  4. bit off topic but interesting from my family's point of view,my great grand dad was a regular at the start off ww1 and at the end of 1914 had is left leg blown of by a mortar shell(he said this was the best thing that ever happened to him!) but until the British army issued those wounded pins he kept having women handing him white feathers!!! one incident though was amusing, while in Blackpool a women handed my great grand dad a white feather but this time his wife was with him and from what i heard about her you did NOT mess with her and ended up chasing the other women down the street while hitting her with her hand bag!! :lol::lol: :beer:

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