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  1. righto well i pikced this up at a small fair there today! it was just one of those medals that looked nice and appealed to me so i picked it up! for some reason when i look at it think of afghanistan or tibet! so can any one shed some light on it? didn tpay much so i wont be out of pocket!! oh and sorry for the TERRIBLE scans im at my folks place and well you got to work with what you got!! any who any help again would be great! :beer:

  2. yup this is another "i picked her up in the good old days" purchase! got her for about 10 irish pounds and its my favorite Russian pic i have! why? cos its a huge pic, all the medals our really clear(in the original obviously) and theres a cosmonaut in it!! but can anyone tell what it says on the back?? any who hope you enjoy it!! looks like mayday 84!!! :beer: :beer:

  3. well i was thinking that it was time to move on some of my collection that i cant research as iv so much id like to have stuff that i can do projects on! SSOOO im going to sell some/all of my defense of capture of medals liberation of medals! BUT as there so well faked i GOTTA put them up for discussion!! so what think yeah of this Sevastopol medal?any help would be great!!

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