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  1. no worries on th OoF!im kinda moving on my non combat orders so although i really did love it,it was abit out of place surrounded by red stars PWs and my nevsky and lenin!!! :D but i got a nice few ribbon bars of noor for it,so everyone got a great deal!!hope you enjoy it as much as i did! and was that doc on the history channel? if so id say it will be repeated no worries!! :beer:

  2. will the bubble burst on soviet prices? probably not! EVERY year i see thread after thread on how third reich prices are set to crash and as of yet they haven't! same for the soviet stuff HOWEVER the current economic climate could well see alot of people selling off there orders,finding they cant get the price they want and dropping the price!it might might not happen!as for the red star!at the current rate yeah that pretty good i think!over here in dublin expect to pay E150 for 7 digit one!!!!!

  3. i was the last ower of this baby and traded with noor there today! the quality of this is just what got me i bought this as a fake and traded as a fake but i mean the detail is amazing!! thanks for the replies though!!(still amazed at how good a fake it is,very scary!!) :beer:

  4. actually over on WAF im trying to get a few people together to go to this so if your round team canada give me a shout and im sure can show you round the place and get a few cheeky pints in to!! all good!! as for irish stuff really depends what your looking for! i can tell you the places in dublin where they sell militaria (??) if your looking for a 1916 medal youd have to wait till an auction or till another collector want to part with his and but expect to pay BBIIIIIGGGG money for it!!

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