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  1. Thanks for relies!i love these pics and have no intention of selling them either!but i always wondered who these guys were and what happened to them!sadly nothing good should i shouldn't wonder!also sadly thats all i have!pity but im happy just to have them! :-)

  2. although i cant add anything to the descusion about the medal itself i can say my grandad(who sadly died 2 years ago) was 7 at the time of the easter rising and was on dollymount strand when it all kicked off and remembers the trams coming out of the city all shot up! actully later on during ww2 he worked for the goverment billiating(?) irish troops around ireland and help design and place the only german war graves site in ireland! was intresting to find that out!! :beer:

  3. Hi paddywack,

    I hope you find the photos. I would be interested in seeing one of these aircraft. If I'm not mistaken the Fairey Gannets were sub hunters that sported 2 contra-rotating propellers in the nose of the plane. A unique craft that was also known as the ugliest aircraft in the world. :lol:

    Cheers :cheers:


    yup thats the one!and actully i LOVE it!!! dont think shes ugly at all!!! :beer:

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