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  1. although not a tank i was on holiday with me folks back in i think 97/98 and we were going downa motorway to the supermarket and there to my left was a fairly ganet!! well after me and me dad dropped off my sisters and mum we spent half an hour find where it was and chatted with the owned! was VERY cool! i even toke pics but as is always the case i can find em now!!! :unsure::banger::beer:

  2. Hi,

    Very nice Paddy. Impressive ribbon bars. I have one which is the same than yours. Have a look.



    coool!!! they are the same!! i bet yours is the replacment for my onbe!!!!!! but yeah erik all the soviet awards are real!!i got lucky on the nevesky!i was in the right place at the right time!!got it ?120 irish pounds so ALL good!!!! :jumping::jumping::beer:

  3. well thought id show my somewhat messy collection to! its only some of it mind!got to get pics of my caps lids uniforms and other world(ooohhh sounds so alien!!!!) medals etc!!

    but first up is my impy collection!!!!the ek2nd and black wound badge were the first things i ever bought so they will be the last to go!!!oh and the pilots badge isnt real and the retired pilots badge might be real!!!

    hope you like em!!! :beer:

  4. well i posted this on another forum but ithought you guys might like to see it to!! with help from a memeber over at WAF i got this off the national archives! the place in sidi bachillah from what i can find is in north moracca

    During the Coy attack on Sidi Bchillah on the 29th April 1943 2/lt edmundson was i/o of one of the leading platoons. The Coy cmdr was injured early in the advance and had to retire and the second i/c was killed just before the objective was reached. 2/lt edumdson, the junior officer left in charge and although wounded in the shoulder immediately took over command of the Coy, and in the face of intense grenade and M/G fire, led the Coy and captured the position. He shot at least 2 German bombing other trenches has he passed them. He had to be prevented from going over the top in the face of intense M/G fire in order to grenade further enemy positions on the reverse slope. He then organized the position against counter attacks and was throughout the day that followed amongst his men, cheering and inspiring them with his bravery and calm. He refused to be relived until nightfall although getting weak from loss of blood. He was throughout the action calm and cheerful giving confidence to his men and his example of devotion to duty and gallantry inspired the men to go forward when others would have fallen back. I strongly recommend this officer for the award of the military cross

    now im going to see if i can find out more about his military career and get a display of his medals and picture together!

    all good! :beer:

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