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  1. so had this order for ages(dont even remeber where i got it!) just want to know if its ok as i am looking to move it on to make some room for another research project i have!would these be hard to come by as i cant even find any pics of them!!the only mark on the back is"silver",from wikipedia im told its for 15 years long service order to other ranks!any help would be great!!thanks :beer:

  2. Reunites do happen! In 4 years of collecting British medals iv got 3, one for a family whose meritorious service medal went missing in the 30s a victory medal to ramc captain that took me 2 and a half years of mailing the person who had the vic medal and just recently a south African merit service star to a south African police detective major so the best bet is keep looking as it probably will turn up in the end! Nice set though!

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