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  1. Reunites do happen! In 4 years of collecting British medals iv got 3, one for a family whose meritorious service medal went missing in the 30s a victory medal to ramc captain that took me 2 and a half years of mailing the person who had the vic medal and just recently a south African merit service star to a south African police detective major so the best bet is keep looking as it probably will turn up in the end! Nice set though!

  2. so i was perusing ebay looking for my next british ribbon bar when i came across this auction for a supposed real VC ribbon bar!whats striking is that the seller doesn't say its a real VC bar just that it might be to a VC winner but yet the price still went crazy!!!! just seems to me that some people have more money then sense as its just a nice ribbon bar but nothing else with out more providence!!!


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