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  1. yee Gods!! :speechless1:

    For that kind of dosh it would be almost worth breaking into 44 Parnell Square and nicking the two they have off the walls!!

    Only kidding, theft is a crime of course. :unsure:

    after this auction you bet a few people are thinking the same thing!!! but actually they had been sayin gin the papers that it would go for 400k! still 360k ain't no small change!!(unless your bill gates that is!!) :beer:

  2. ww1 MCs are normally plain on the back! but found out about a year and a bit ago that a family member of mine actually won one!! therefore i had to buy one and got one off this very site!!it really really is an amazing award when in your hand! very very simply but SO attractive! while im here anyone know a site/address for the royal fusiliers ??iv got the gazetting of my family relative from the London gazette and want to get more info on him and how he won his MC!! thanks for ANY help!!! :beer:

  3. yeah I noticed that. I hefted one of these around a few years back (it was found in a neighbors' barn and quickly disassembled) and it was quite heavy: the MG42 obviously , not the bra.

    eeeerrrr found in a neighbours barn- was this in europe or ireland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ninja::P

  4. fair enough! i guess its like the lufty close combat clasps and the navy air sea rescue badge! probably never issued but they (well the lufty close combat clasp at least!) were seen in the solbuchs etc though id love to see pics of the balloon observer badge in wear as that would clear up alot of debate on weather it actully excistes or not!! still i do like this badge as it looks pretty cool!! :cheers:

  5. my best mates uncle was a medic in the congo and has a good lot of stuff from the time!actully intrestingly he picked up a group of medals he found in a derserted viilage and it had a good few beligum medals and intrestlying a katanga medal in it to which is quiet rare!but il see if i can get a few pics of the stuff though it might take a month or 2!!!!

  6. just saw this thread and to be honest after seeing so many fantastic groups from many a different country split up on ebay and our goverments(or any goverments in general) lack of intrest in keep irish history in ireland it really really does not surprize me at all! but as for the prices i cant see them going down anytime soon! in order to get my emergancy medal i own i had to buy it from america as the prices here are so mad!

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