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  1. righto iv had this tunic for a while but to be honest i dont know much about it apart from when i posted it last time and was told it was 1880 model of tunic!! but as im thinking of doing this as part of a trade i was wondering if any one could help!!

    firstly the pics are bad!!best i could do with a crap camera!! also its missing the buttons on the shoulders and one on the row of buttons going downt he front! so can any one help? it has ribbions for a madel bar and beneath it more loops for another award!so can any one help!!!!and ifo would be great! :cheers:

  2. i feel lucky that when i started collecting soviet awards it was at the start of 2000 the prices actully way better then german prices and the fakes at the time wernt as bad as the german field either!but now its no where near that now! the last thing i got was a order of glory 2nd and that was in trade! and to be honest i reckon my soviet collection could well stay where it is!!!i feel lucky though to have got my lenin foir E600 2 odd years ago!!! :jumping:

  3. the first are pilots wings not sure of the next is i think the militery mert cross next long service maybe? next is a blue div medal for spanish volenteers fighting on the eastern front, last is the spanish civil war medal(not sure of its full name!) awarded to conor legion soldier to! nice set!!!!sorry i cant be more helpful! :cheers:

  4. managed to snag this on another forum!! ( ;) ) and i was wondering if it might be traceable? for me the intresting thig is that for one iv never seen a baltic cross on a stick pin and also how come with the 2nd and 3rd awards was there no iron cross 2nd? maybe on a button hole??? but i was just wonder if it might be research able? if not well i wont be crying either!!!!thanks for any help! :beer:

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