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  1. thinking of selling this 1st class(not to sure as of yet!) but not if shes real! now after a bit of research i think she should be ok the details IS there on the sickle handle on the back and on the star on the front thats normal lacking on the repos! the ribbion is a replacment sadlt that came with the medal and but the ribbions steel back looks original!!any help would be great!!!

    thanks! :cheers:

  2. iv got a lovely 2 place trapoizd ribbion bar marked by godet, its the type that can be worn with and without the medals! now at the moment its missing the medals and one of them is the order of St. Stanislaus! would i be right in saying that id have to pay big bucks to get this order on the bar?(the other medal on the bar is the red eagle order)

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