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  1. as a RAMC collector iv seen them go from anything from 60 sterling to 300+ depending whats on it but an average trio with 1915 star would be about 80-115 also check to see if the service paper survived as that will effect the value as well!!they show up on ebay but the buy it now ones normally are over what you should pay!just keep an eye out and youl pick one up no problem!

  2. picked up two ribbon bars on ebay there the other day but was thinking for the first one is it possible?iv not got it yet and not seen the back but it was cheap so i took a chance on it! just wondering is the ribbon combo possible? best i can figure is that this person served in china then South Africa then left the service and went into the civil service or something like that and got a MBE post 1936 or do you reckon its a made up?any help would be great!!!:)

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