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  1. about the medals funny thing happened when i was looking at his service records, i thought that to save time they had put another mans service records half way down his service records but after looking really close it turns out that the man before owen had such a long service (1915 right through to 45) that thy needed to use his records as he (owen) was discharged in 21 so all his medals entries are they!!!!makes MUCH more sense and gives a much better view of his records!!!! :beer:

  2. picked up a nice royal fleet reserve medal and after checking the national archives for more then 2 hours with every combination i could think of i just cant find anything close to his name and or rank! haven't tried ancestry but then dont think they do this type of service papers!

    could any one help in trying to trace him down!iv no problem paying for his service record if i just could find it!!!!!the name on the medal is

    R.M.A14577(PO.B.41642)W.OWEN.MNE. R.F.R

    also not sure which number i use as his service number but i tried both and no luck!!!any help anyone could give me would be great!!!

    thanks!! :beer:

  3. got this off ebay there a few days ago, put in my max and it came in under so all good!

    when i had a look at his MIC card i saw that he was in 3 different units including the machine gun corp so seems i he might have had a interesting career and its cool to see when his medals were replaced but iv one or two questions about his MIC,is he only in-titled to one clasp? what do highlighted lines mean?just that its the sole clasp?any help would be great!!!

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