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  1. picked up this lovely MSM from a dealers website and while researching the MSM i found that actually its quite a under appreciated award considering just over 26k (immediate MSMs)of them were awarded in ww1 versus 115k of the MM! but my question is on the rank

    its named to S/4697 Temp Sub Conductor J McGaffney R.A.O.C , the rank is a unusual one, how long would the temp rank be held for as it seems he had this through most of his service in France then if his MIC is correct through to his service in Iraq(the MIC quotes he has a GSM with Iraq clasp) the other question is while i have his MSM card i cant found out why it was awarded!from what iv read most MSM didnt actually have a citation so would this be the case as well?

    and finally one question on the ROAC is there any site i can find to show where it was in France and Iraq??or is the fact its a ordnance corps means its to big to find a specific unit??!

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated! :beer:

  2. i bought of off another forum a framed b-17 print and uniform to the same guy and the frame when it was put in the box the sender put the glass frame on the side that had one thin layer of bubble wrap and the other side had a ton of bubble wrap and styro-foam so as soon as it went into mail the glass was TOTALLY smashed to bits and went through the box if the seller had turned it the other way the glass could well of survived!!on the other side of posting stories i got a hj dagger in the post and it had been encased in a tube that was so well wrapped took me ages to take out but was perfectly received!!

  3. but timo WHO set up,ran,set regulations for the force,paid the pay,paid the pensions for this force? the british goverment did!yes its true that these were for irish people BUT its not a irish bar as its a british run force! it would be like saying the zulu medal to a local african is an african award! as the irish goverment and state didnt exist till 22 this cant be an irish bar.

    take a look at this link


    its states(correctly) "By Command of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, and in gracious recognition of the services rendered by both Forces on occasion of Her Visit to Ireland from 3rd to 26th April 1900, a Commemorative Medal has been issued to all officers and men of the Royal Irish Constabulary and Dublin Metropolitan Police who were then on duty in Dublin"

    so if the british king/queen is issuing these medals how is this an irish bar? its a brish medal to irish people ergo its a british bar!!!

    looks like kev got there first though links and all!!;)

  4. just wondering if some forum members could help in a friendly argument!!on this thread


    Noor picked up a VERY rare and sweet 3 place bar to a policeman from pre ww1 with all the visit to ireland medals ribbons on it! now i say as the police force at the time was under british rule wouldnt that mean that it is technically a british bar to an irish police man??? Noor says it a pure irish bar but i say its british!! what you guys reckon??!!shall i be eating my words!! :rolleyes::ninja: :beer:

  5. PW, My concern is IMHO the naming is not correct for a BEM, it also looks to be skimmed, could we have a picture of the rim, I do however hope I am wrong, cheers, Paul

    il have to get a friend to do its i just dont have a camera that can do those sorts of clear pics but hopefuly i can get it done in the next few days and il post em uo!thanks again! :beer:

  6. well i took my new magnifying glass out and had a god old strain of my eyes! cant see any ghost impression of digits or letters,i got a bit of water on the offending "R" and well it came away with a light rub(fear not i didnt clean it!!) il get a friend of mine to take more pics of it as i honestly cant see any ghost letter!plus why re-name it to the army service corps????

    thanks though!! :beer:

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