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  1. Pretty nice cross. Even though in the high end the condition might warrant the price in the long run if its something you got to have.
  2. The statement used as part of the evidence was that the ring of the EK does not completely fit in the case. However, it can be closed when the award is in the case.
  3. Third set shows the difference on the LDO logos, and a KVK in place on the smaller resting area case.
  4. The second set of pics shows a full view of the resting areas, and an EK on the one with the smaller resting area. Notice that it does not fit.
  5. I was looking at old threads on the WAF about EK / KVK 2 cases, and since I am not a member was not able to post pics. The discussion goes something like that these cases were only made for KVK 2's. I differ. I have seen two different types, and it has always been my assumption that one of the types were for EK 2's rather than KVK 2's. Further discussion is encouraged. The first two show the difference on the sides, as well as the measurement of the resting area for the awards. I was going to measure them, but my electronic ruler's battery ran out.
  6. I have been eyeing these for a while and finally took the plunge. I believe is a text example, but would like to hear additional input.
  7. Was lucky enough to score two mint items this week that were in my list. This was the first, the second was the gas mask that I put up earlier this week. Hopefully, I'll be able to score a KVK2 case Friday. Can't wait. Enjoy.
  8. I realize about the label, but I think that is the least of the concerns as far as I see them. I did not share my views on the thread because I would like to get unbiased opinions. However, I shared them privately with another member and he agreed with my observations. So far, vote against 2; in favor 0. What do you think?
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